What our Clients are Saying!

There are many things we can say about the high quality of service 

we provide to our clients, but probably none would be as credible

as testimonials from some of our recent clients themselves!

So please take a moment to read the following statements. We hope

they indicate our experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how

much we enjoy helping people with their real estate needs. Some of our

clients actually wrote letters to the neighbors, saying "goodbye" and telling

them what a great experience they had working with The Peck Team!


 Marge and Mike Peck of The Peck Team impressed us with

their enthusiasm as REALTORS even in this difficult market.

Their knowledge of the business and marketing expertise

enabled us to sell our home in eleven days at the full listing price!

 My wife and I have dealt with numerous REALTORS

throughout the years and none even came close to Marge and

Mike's exceptional performance in handling the sale of our home.

 If you are considering selling your home, my wife and I strongly

recommend that you use the services of The Peck Team. You

will not be disappointed. They demonstrated that they are

professionals who are far ahead of other REALTORS in the field.


John & Vera DePalma

 Queen Creek


As you can tell by the sign in our yard, that our house has sold.

We've loved living in this neighborhood & are sad to be leaving

 our neighbors and friends. We will miss you all.

I am writing to let you know what a wonderful experience we

had with our REALTORS, Marge and Mike Peck. They actually

found us this house four years ago & we were so happy with

them, that we came back to them again. Throughout the process

they were with us the whole time. They had color flyers to show,

virtual tour on CD's, our home was on their web sites and high

placement on REALTOR.com. We felt they did everything they

could to sell our home. Marge & Mike were able to obtain $3,000

more than the list price! We are very happy with the results.

Not only were they able to sell our home for what we wanted,

but they found us our Dream Home too! We sat down with them

and told them all the requirements for the new house. They looked

 up every qualifying home and even starred the ones that best fit.

We found our home the second day we looked and they came out

that night to write up the offer. Even though we were going out of

town, through faxes and phone calls, the house was ours within days

 and we were really able to enjoy our vacation!

Marge & Mike are truly wonderful people. We've been happy

with all our experiences with them. They build lasting relationships

with their clients & we would definitely return to them for all our

future real estate needs

The Tollisons

Dear Neighbors,

As you may have noticed, we have sold our home in Playa del Rey

and will be moving very soon. The sale process has been such a

great experience, we wanted to share some of it with you. We

employed Marge & Mike Peck,

The Peck Team. Marge and Mike made every step look so simple.

The services they include are phenomenal! A special virtual tour

was added to the internet and also put on CD's available in our

home, so the prospective buyer could take home incredible photos

of the lake, the community, and our home! They compiled

professionally bound reports on the neighborhood including

information about our local schools, churches, economic factors

and shopping (all of which are important to a buyer!). Our home

was regularly advertised and we had quality color brochures

with several photos of our home and the amenities of our

neighborhood. We had water bottles and candy bars for buyers

to take (all personalized with photos of our home).  As a

regular visitor to realtor.com, even we were astonished to

find our home featured above all the

others all the time!

Marge & Mike brought us many qualified buyers and the perfect

match will be your new neighbor.....very soon! Rene is an

avid boater and wake boarder. His children are looking

forward to all the amenities we have to offer. Marge found

the perfect home for us as well. We wanted to stay

in Gilbert, and we have just bought a beautiful home

in a horse community with community stables and bridle

paths. We are thrilled!

If you are considering buying or selling real estate, we

recommend you give Marge and Mike a call. The call costs

nothing, but the benefits could be worth a fortune. Don't

forget to tell them where you heard about them!

Be watching for the moving truck!
Marcia and Mike Skinner



We called Marge when we saw her on TV. We owed

more than we could ever sell our home for. The

changing market was going to cause us to lose our

home. Marge negotiated a "short sale" for us. We sold

our home and we did not have to pay any closing fees

or real estate fees! Thank you for giving us our lives


Karen L

Mesa, AZ


I thought all REALTORS were scum. I hated them.

But the Pecks did everything they said they would.

Finally, a good experience! Thanks Mike and Marge.

Jeff S



This market dictates working with an experienced knowledgeable

agent. We did! Call the Peck Team rather than face foreclosure.

They can help. Now we can sleep at night again.

Angela & Tony B



We had an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) loan that went

up every six months until we were faced with paying the

mortgage or buying food and paying for electricity. When

food won, the phone calls started. It was a nightmare. The

Pecks tood away our fears and hekped us take back control

of our lives. We can't thank them enough.

Mike and Carol W.



We opted for My Choice Listing's 3.75% commission, saved

over $5,000 and still got AMAZING SERVICE!

Doug & Liz



My lawyer told me that if I didn't pay my mortgage off, I

would have to pay taxes on the unpaid amount. Didn't. Thank

God for bringing Marge to me.

Robert M.



We purchased our home in 2005 - the lender told us not

to worry, we could refinance in a year or two. Right! We

owed more on the home than we thought we could ever sell

it for! We are so thankful we saw Marge on TV. This is one

very smart REALTOR! She knows her stuff! She sold the

home and the lender paid all the fees and closing costs.

Need to sell? Call The Peck Team!

Mike S



We didn't know what s "short sale" was. We didn't know

we could sell our home when we owed more than the

market value. The REALTOR did all the work and the

lender paid them. We did not have to pay the difference

from the sale price and the amount we owed the lenders.

We appreciate the help we got from the Pecks.

Josh G