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Which one of these situations best

describes your situation?


1.  You are or soon will be in some stage of the

     foreclosure process

3.  You are experiencing a period of financial instability 

4.  Your mortgages total an amount higher than the

     current value of your home

5.  Your adjustable rate loan is about to adjust and you

     will not be able to continue to make the payments.


Please know, you are not alone! A large percentage of Arizona Homeowners are facing difficult times for one reason or another. The Peck Team is here to help you understand you have CHOICES. It is not necessarily the best choice to allow your home go to foreclosure.....so what other choices do you have?

You might qualify for the new loan modification and if you do not (which the majority of Arizona homeowners do not qualify), you may still qualify for doing a "Short Sale".


There are many advantages to a "short sale" if you qualify. (and most homeowners do!)

1.   The lender will be paying the "seller costs" which include the

      real estate fees.

2.   You may be able to purchase a home in as little as 2 years

     after the completion of a short sale.

3.   No more harassing phone calls from the lenders.

4.   No need to move out of the property in the middle of the night due

      to shame or not understanding the process.

5.   Most instances, foreclosure date is postponed to complete

      negotiations of the short sale offer.

6.   We help take the stress out of your situation.

7.   Experienced Agents to process the paperwork for the transaction.

8.   We do all the negotating and communication with your lender - no

      more harassing phone calls or threats.

9.   Experienced Staff.

10. Experienced Team of Negotiators.

11. Experienced Escrow Officers.

12. Total Communication throughout the Process.

13. Ethical & Honest Representation.

14. Confidential Interview with The Peck Team.


STOP living in fear, stress and being depressed - give us a call so we may assist you with understanding the options to foreclosure!

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